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New Members
Tell us about yourself, your family, your ministry, just whatever GOD lays on your heart to share with us.
2 1 Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 5:58:42 AM
Thread: God bless You, friend`s,...
Posted by: Ullume
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Have a Birthday or Anniversary? Let us know about it. Maybe even tell us your most memorable ones.
1 0 Sunday, 31 May 2009, 2:17:32 AM
Thread: Here's mine
Posted by: diesell

Your Church
Tell us about your Church, what you like about it, why you chose that Church, how long you've been there, anything related to your Church.
1 0 Sunday, 31 May 2009, 2:17:35 AM
Thread: My Church
Posted by: velosip
Revivals & Homecomings
Having a Revival or Homecoming at your Church? Let us know about it. Share some of the good times you had at Revivals & Homecomings.
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Having a Singing at your Church? Tell us about it. Give us the who, when, and where.
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Everyone remembers the glorious day that Jesus came into their heart and made them a "new" creature. Tell us about some of your salvation experiences.
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Everyone has a testimony. Why not share yours with us?
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Gospel Music
Favorite Gospel Music
Tell us your favorite Gospel groups or singers, and favorite Gospel songs.
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Pictures & Videos
Post pictures and videos of your favorite Gospel songs, groups, and singers.
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Know of any good Gospel concerts coming up? Tell us about them, where & when they are, and who's going to be there. Or maybe you have some good memories of some concerts you've been to in the past?
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Contemporary Gospel Music
I almost forgot, some people like Contemporary Music better. Post anything about that here.
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Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, Singers
Whatever calling GOD has placed on your life, tell us about it. Tell us who you are and what ministry you're in.
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Sermons & Outlines
Have some good Sermons or Outlines that you'd like to share with others. You can even Preach them here if you want to.
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Have any good Sermon Illustrations you'd like to share, or maybe even some that you've heard from others.
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General Forum
Talk about anything & everything here, just keep it clean!!
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Heard any good clean jokes lately? Share them here.
1 0 Sunday, 31 May 2009, 2:17:37 AM
Thread: I guess I'll start this ...
Posted by: hddiski
World News
Talk about what's going on the world. From the war to the President and anything in between.
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Bible Translations
What's your favorite Bible translation and why?
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Verses, Chapters, Books, & Stories of the Bible
Tell us what your favorite Bible verse is. Or maybe one verse is not enough, maybe you have a favorite chapter, or book, or Bible story.
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Prayer Requests
Post anything that you want us to pray about.
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Answered Prayer
Tell us about prayers that have been answered for you.
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Prayer Discussion
Tell us what you think about prayer, what it takes to get prayers answered, or anything else related to prayer.
1 0 Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 6:14:09 AM
Thread: For me prayer is ...
Posted by: Ullume

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